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Gear grinding machines Model 5A868F CNC and Model 5A868DF with CNC

Gear grinding machines Model 5A868F and Model 5A868DF with CNC, running by shaped grinding wheel, are intended for grinding external and internal gears with possibility of measuring grinded gear directly on the machine tool.

Input the data on gear and technological regimes (directly from design or operation cart) as well as setting up the machine according to grinding results are carried out in dialog mode excluding the need of CNC programming knowledge.

The semi-automatic mode enables the one operator to run two or three machines at a time. Accuracy of gears ground conforms to the DIN 3-4 th degree.

The 5A868 automatic gear grinding machine
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Dimensions of installed workpiece:

Diameter, мм

150Е900 900
length, мм 120Е700 200
Maximum mass, kg 400 400
Dimensions of gear ground:  
Maximum external diameter, mm 900 800
Minimum diameter of cavity circles, mm 150 150
Module 1,5Е16 1,5Е12
Tooth number, pcs 1Е999 1Е999
Maximum spur crown width, mm 300 200
Maximum wheel diameter, mm 400 350
Control system Sinumeric 840D
Number of controlled axes: 5
Incremental of movement input, microm 0.1
Wheel motor power, kW 15 15
Total power of all motors, kW 40 40
Overall dimensions:
length, мм 5400
width  мм 2950
height, мм 2550
Machine weight, kg 13000


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